Upcycled Avocados

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Avoca’Do helps combat food waste by upcycling avocados. We use oddly shaped, perfectly imperfect, fresh avocados!

In the avocado industry, they are known as grade C avocados. Grade A, think of the typical avocado you see in the supermarket. Grade B, usually go to foodservice and restaurants. Last but not least, grade C avocados are used for different avocado based products like guacamole and our pudding snack!

What do you mean by imperfect avocados? 

We take all shapes and sizes, and care about what’s on the INSIDE. These upcycled avocados are just as delicious, nutritious and safe to eat as the “picture perfect” avocados. And the fact of the matter is that these so called “imperfect” avocados are quite perfect for us blending them into our Chocolate Avoca’Do Pudding.

This puts into perspective why upcycling is so important!

“Food waste is responsible for roughly the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as 37 million cars…Waste happens at every stage of the process, from farm fields—where food may be abandoned if a farmer has a surplus or the food has imperfections—to distribution centers, supermarkets, restaurants, food processing plants, and homes. Consumers throw out the majority of the food wasted in the U.S., or roughly $450 of food each year. At the same time, more than 40 million Americans struggle with hunger.”

Fast Company

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