Repurposed Avoca’Do Cups; A Halloween Decorating Craft

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Happy Halloween From Avoca’Do!
I Do in Green with Avoca’Do! We have a great repurposed use for our plastic cups. It’s kid-friendly, or for anyone that would like to get crafty while re-using! It’s also a fun surprise to decorate them for your kid’s lunchbox on Halloween. Get decorating!
**We know, plastic is harmful and we are not perfect. But we DO what we can with our current circumstances and resources. Our goal is to someday have packaging that’s 100% biodegradable. Perhaps a company similar to Avoplast, from Mexico, could create Avoca’Do packaging one day! They developed technology that uses avocado pits and turns it into bioplastic utensils that are 100% biodegradable. That type of packaging would take the avocado fruit full circle, from seed to plant to food to package and back to the earth. #goals

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