Our Story

Hi, I’m Lexi. My Dad & I are co-founders of Avoca’Do®.

Our vision is to be more than just another product and brand. Avoca’Do has the power to encourage a movement toward taking action to eat, live & DO everything a little bit healthier.

We both struggled with diet related issues. It woke us up to understand the importance of REAL food to heal and feel our best. Even though we still need reminders from time to time, *cough* Dad, we do our best. 🙂 A main reason behind starting Avoca’Do was to emphasize that being healthy doesn’t have to mean eliminating all the fun indulgences in your life! Avoca’Do allows eating healthy to be convenient, delicious & nutritious.

Lexi’s Background in Food

I have always been drawn to food and cooking. I was even on the Rachael Ray Show when I was nine years old! However, as a teen, I developed body image and diet issues while my father struggled with Type II Diabetes. This was a wake up call for us to take action and DO something. We began to focus on thinking, eating, living, and DO-ing everything a little bit healthier from then on.
It really stuck with me how even the smallest changes towards healthy living can improve all areas of your life. So I went on to study Public Health in school. After graduation, I served with FoodCorps teaching kids about nutrition, cooking and gardening in school so that all children have access to grow up healthy. Soon after, I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach while working at the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School. Through these experiences it reinforced my passion for food, cooking and ways to live healthier.

How It All Began…

I decided to whip up one of my new favorite recipes, my chocolate avocado pudding. I made it and didn’t tell my Dad what the “secret” and MAIN ingredient was. Let’s just say proof was in the pudding! My Dad and family were SO surprised how smooth, creamy and chocolatey this avocado pudding was. They couldn’t stop eating it…neither could I! We wanted to share with others this new healthy pudding alternative, and another way to enjoy an avocado. We took the leap and started our business, Avoca’Do!
Our goal is to share with others that healthy living can be fun, simple and not about perfection. Healthy living is not a one size fits all method, hopefully Avoca’Do can fit into many lifestyles. My simplified approach is to eat mostly plants, & move my body everyday. In the end, I believe true health comes from the inside out, it’s really all about how you feel.

With Love & Avoca’Do,