Immune Boosting Winter Activities

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Get Out & DO!

As the pandemic continues and we transition into colder weather, the idea of getting up and staying active can often be daunting. We know the feeling too, which is why Avoca’Do wants to challenge you to go out and do! Whether this be ice skating outside with family or simply walking around the mall to find gifts for the holidays, there are so many ways to be active while still staying safe.
Staying active in the winter brings benefits that no other season can?
Yes, you heard that right! The cold weather can actually improve your endurance. “In colder temperatures your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, you sweat less, and expend less energy, all of which means you can exercise more efficiently.” Another study reported the effects of cold weather actually transforming white fat cells into brown ‘calorie-burning’ fat cells.
Exercising can boost your immune system?
Absolutely! Many people are unaware that exercising and living a healthy lifestyle are directly correlated with the body’s immune system. According to the Journal of Sport and Health Science, exercise can improve the immune system’s surveillance activity, which is the body’s monitoring process for virally infected cells that are then detected and destroyed. Their study reported that just 30 to 60 minutes of daily activity can improve a person’s chance for recovering from illness. 
So, are you ready to go out and DO yet? We also want to provide a range of ideas for activities you can do this winter safely and happily. Try one of them out and let us know!
Small activities you can do that are active!
  • Use the stairs whenever you can
  • Try rock climbing
  • Take a dance class or rather, dance to your favorite songs in the comfort of your living room
  • Practice yoga, can be done anywhere, and there are some great free videos on YouTube.
  • Ice skating at the rink
  • Go on a walk to a coffee/hot chocolate shop
  • Skiing
  • Winter hike

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