Avoca’Do FAQ’S

Avoca'Do Ingredients
Ingredients: Hass Avocado, Agave Syrup, Unsweetened Rice Milk, Cocoa, & Vanilla Extract.
*Agave syrup also known as agave nectar. We use 100% cacao to give our pudding a rich dark chocolate flavor. All ingredients are non-GMO.
Give it a good stir after opening, natural separation may occur! Keep refrigerated.
Is Avoca’Do Free from the Top 8 Allergens?
YES! Free free of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, soy, fish & shellfish. Additionally, free of sesame, mustard & sulphites.
Is Avoca'Do Vegan ?
YES, 100% plant-based ingredients making Avoca’Do Vegan friendly.
What Certifications Do You Have?
Avoca’Do is a Woman Owned Business, OU Kosher Certified & Pareve. A proud member of the Plant Based Food Association. Non-GMO and Vegan certifications pending!
Is Avoca'Do Organic?
Our agave syrup and unsweetened rice milk are, but we’re not a certified product. Don’t panic! Avocados are #1 on the Environmental Working Group’s Annual Clean Fifteen™ list. The report found avocados are the cleanest of non-organic produce. Due to their protective skin barrier they found less than 1% of any detectable pesticides.
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Where We Source Our Avocados?
Avoca’Do is made with fresh, high quality Hass Avocados. Our friends at Calavo Growers, source from various farmers in California, Mexico and Peru depending upon the growing season. Learn more about their sustainable practices!
What Are Hass Avocados?
We use the Hass Avocado variety which represents 95% of Avocados sold in the United States. Hass avocados are native to California and are also grown in Mexico due to ideal climate and soil conditions. There are surprisingly many varieties, shapes and sizes of avocados. When it comes to nutritional content, Hass avocados are higher in fat than other varieties, giving them a richer, smoother, creamier taste and texture.
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Why Are Avocados Good For You?
Avocados are considered a superfood with 20+ vitamins and minerals! They contain heart healthy fats that help with absorption of nutrients without raising cholesterol levels.
What Is The Shelf Life?
85 days refrigerated, always check expiration date on package! Once individual unit is opened, eat within 24 hours. To extend the shelf life, or eat as a frozen treat, place Avoca’Do in the freezer before expiration.
We use an Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) to kill micro-organisms and bacteria. UHP works without the use of heat that can damage taste, texture and nutrient content.
Is The Packaging Recyclable?
Please recycle the cups & cardboard sleeve packaging! We challenge you to think of creative ways to re-use them!
What New Flavors & Products Are Coming?
New flavors will be coming 2021 starting with a Strawberry-Lime. In addition to puddings, other other avocado-based snacks and foods are planned. Stay tuned!
Made with fresh avocados sourced fromCalavoexclusively for Avoca’Do®.