Avocados + Chocolate = Iconic Duo

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That’s right, the avocado and chocolate duo are making their debut in 2021! This is your chance to try out the two together whether that be with Avoca’Do plant-based dark chocolate pudding or trying a recipe of your own! 

Can Chocolate be Healthy? 

Of course it can! First, it’s important to know that having a good relationship with chocolate (and food in general) is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants, the most important one being epicatechin. According to Hopkins Medicine, Epicatechin is a flavonol, which is a compound found in plants that combat inflammation and prevent cell damage. 

Here are some of the health benefits of chocolate: 

  1. Dark chocolate can lower your risk of having a stroke and may prevent heart disease
  2. It can reduce your risk of developing diabetes (this one might come as a surprise, but many studies have proven this theory)
  3. Chocolate, of course, not only boosts your mood but also can improve cognition and memory
  4. Chocolate is amazing for your skin (try some of these ways to help your skin!)  

Heart Health

Avocados and chocolate are both healthy for your heart in similar ways. Avocados are considered a ‘good fat’ because they contain mono and polyunsaturated fats, which may reduce inflammation and cholesterol levels. In fact, some researchers found that if you replace the saturated fatty acids with an avocado every day, it may lead to lower LDL (the bad type of cholesterol) and therefore, lowers your risk for heart disease. In addition, chocolate can lead to lower LDL thanks to the disease-fighting antioxidants as described above. These are all great health benefits, but don’t forget to keep in mind that both should be consumed in moderation!
Have we convinced you to try the avocado and chocolate duo yet? You’re in luck, we already have it ready for you. Try by finding it in a store near you or, order our plant-based dark chocolate pudding here
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