Avoca’Do Stands for Equality

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Our mission at Avoca’Do is to encourage EVERYbody that they can take action towards DO-ing something healthy & positive.

?We believe that access to healthy food is a human right, & should not be a privilege. That’s why we support organizations like @nokidhungry & @foodcorps who focus on education and providing equal access to healthy food for ALL children. Our future generations deserve to grow up healthy & nourished. Your health is really your wealth, it plays a huge part in your concentration, mood, immune system and so much more.⁣

?Health is personal, with no one “right” way to live healthy, but rather countless ways that can fit into your own lifestyle. We keep it simple, affordable & fun. For example, it costs 0$ to go for a walk, practice yoga, meditate, get some fresh air and be a kind person!!! Health is more than appearance and the physical body, it’s also our mental state, how our environment plays a role and how your body functions and feels. However, when it comes to our health, food is the root of our well-being. It is our fuel, medicine and has the power to bring so much healing and joy. 

?Our hope with our Plant-Based Pudding products is to create a ripple effect of DO-ing healthy with Avoca’Do. ⁣
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