Avoca’Do Explains Plant Based Living!

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So, why should you care?

1. Plant based foods are proven to produce significantly less green-house gas emissions than the industrialized meat industry.

2. It is a more conscious way of eating.

3. It is a healthier way of eating. Plant-based diets are linked to lower the risk of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, inflammation and cancer.

Plant-Based, you may have recently began to notice this term. In fact, our Avoca’Do Chocolate Pudding is part of the The Plant Based Foods Association! An association supporting a plant based lifestyle, companies and products.
If you’ve never heard of plant based, or are confused as to what it means, it’s pretty straight-forward. We appreciate this lifestyle because it doesn’t imply a strict label as some diets have. It is simply, encouraging people to eat mostly plants.
When a food or beauty product claims to be plant based, it signifies no animal products or animal bi-products have been used to make the product.
More people are beginning to adopt plant based lifestyles and eating habits, because it is extremely healthy for you and it’s beneficial for the planet too! Less water is needed and lower greenhouse gases are emitted when farming plants versus animals. 

Wait a minute… is plant based the same as being vegan?

It can be, but is doesn’t have to be! Practicing a vegan lifestyle means you choose not to consume ANY animal products or bi-products (no honey, butter, leather goods, etc). 
A plant based lifestyle can be “flexitarian”, not claiming to be vegan, vegetarian, or what not. It depends on every individual’s needs and choices. For some people, it is best to make small changes at first. Others still moderately eat meat, dairy, fish and/or eggs….the real key is to focus on eating mostly plants!

Thanks for reading and we hope you continue to learn more about the benefits of eating more plant based foods!

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