Avocados, the GOOD kind of FAT.

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Hooray, Avocados have the GOOD kind of fat your body needs! Good fats are mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, these fats contain essential amino acids. Amino acids help your body function properly in various ways from the heart, brain, muscles, skin, and mood. This good kind of fat actually LOWERS your cholesterol.

“Research also demonstrates the importance of improving the overall quality of fat in the diet to focus on including foods which provide good mono- and polyunsaturated types, including olive oil, fatty fish like salmon, walnuts and fresh avocados.”

Love One Today
As we say….an avocado a day keeps the doctor away! 
Don’t be fooled when you see how much fat and calories are in a serving of avocado. One serving is ⅓ of a whole avocado, or around 50g. It WILL keep you full and satisfied, curbing your appetite but also helping your heart function the way it needs to. One serving of avocado contains 8 grams of total fat with 1g polyunsaturated and 5g monounsaturated fats.
Avocados are a superfood, meaning the small fruit packs a mighty punch, containing over 20 vitamins and minerals within it. Our avo-obsession continues to grow, not only are they creamy and delicious, but they are so good for you too! 

“Good fats help to absorb nutrients from foods that are eaten with them. Some good fats, like polyunsaturated also contribute Vitamin E, an antioxidant that further helps develop and maintain your body’s cells. Good fats can also substitute for bad fats in your diet, thereby allowing you to shift to unsaturated fat sources that benefit your body, especially your cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels).”

Avocados from Mexico
Check out this California Avocado Farm, The Good Fat, promoting healthy fats found in avocados, and they can even ship fresh avocados straight to your door! Now that’s what we’re talking about….farm fresh!
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