5 Ways to Repurpose Avocado Seeds

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Avocado Seeds/Pits are multifunctional and have so many more uses than you think! Take a look at these 5 unique repurposed avocado seed ideas.

1. Seed Art 

It’s really impressive and takes seriously skilled artisans! There are hand-crafted avocado pit jewelry, mini figurines, painting and pit carvings you can buy on sites like Etsy.

2. Avocado Seed Powders 

It’s being studied whether the avocado seed is more nutritionally dense than the fruit itself, and if it can be claimed safe to eat. People have started adding it to smoothies, making teas and the beauty industry is jumping on this bandwagon. Some claim it has enormous benefits for when applied directly to skin. I would urge on the side of caution as it’s still being tested!

3. Seed to Tree 

The pit a.k.a the seed of the avocado! It is what scientifically classifies an avocado as a fruit. All fruits have seeds, yep tomatoes and cucumbers are technically fruits too! Companies like Avoseedo are selling these awesome avocado seed starter kits so now you can grow your own avocado tree!

4. Natural Dye

A dye free from chemicals! What a fun DIY project to repurpose the avocado seed! Watch a how-to video, or again check out Etsy, for anything from avocado pit dyed bags, sheets, scarves and stationary.

  5.Biodegradable Cutlery 

A company based out of Mexico called Avoplast, developed an avocado seed based biodegradable bioplastic. What is bioplastic? “Bioplastics are made from biodegradable and renewable resources, rather than from petroleum. The primary raw material of bioplastics is biomass.” In this case, Avoplast uses avocado pits from the surplus of avocado farms/trees in the area as well as agave plants.
As you can see, the pits are not just for preventing guacamole from turning brown anymore! If you didn’t already know that kitchen tip, simply save your pit and place it in whatever container you’re making guacamole in and it will delay it from turning brown as quickly. Likewise, only eating half of an avocado? Eat the side without the pit and save the side with the seed inside. It will save much better in the fridge…less browning! Figuring most of you already knew that?!
Tell us what you are Avoca’DO-ing with avo seeds! We would love to connect and showcase some creative, and eco-friendly tips and tricks with our community.
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